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Simple Questions To Ask When Redefining Your Target Audience/Market

During My Personal Meditation On Life and Marketing for my products, courses and services, I thought of what I need to Re-invent to Scale, Leverage, Transform and Redesign my Business Model.
By Looking at all the aspect of the business, I was entranced (so should you) by the Concept of MY TARGET AUDIENCE.
Yes, Let Us Have A Deep Meditation About OUR TARGET AUDIENCE.
I Know You…..
You’re so dedicated that you’ve succeeded In Defining Your Perfect Customer(s) and I’m also sure that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time Building A Win-Win Relationships with All the Customers You have.
If You haven’t done the above, then you will do yourself a lot of good if you contact me for some Simple Secret Guide on How To Effectively Do That
Let’s Take Your Business To The Next Level……
Whenever you’re rethinking your business and you’re ready (or preparing) to take it to a new level, one key place to create instant advatange is to employ PROSPECT QUESTIONING STRATEGY.
Question Your Target Audience and as you do, look out for and identify new possibilities.
Enough Background Information/Introduction!
Summarized Below are some of my “WHAT IF” questions to think about, which will open your eyes and mind to new ideas:
  • WHAT IF I could think deeply of all my past customers and choose the ones that I had amazing time working with and (or) the ones that I made the most of my profits from? What do they all have in common?
  • WHAT IF I could be of service to those people (people we call competitors) who also serve my customers with value?
Let’s take Consultancy as an example, I’m an SME consultant.
I just thought,
“What if I could serve the financial managers/advisors, accountants, administrators, freelance assistants, social media managers, salesmen and women, marketers, graphic artists/designers, website designers, and human resource professionals/companies, event managers/organizers, PR Personnel and Promoters etc who serve the same target audience as I SERVE?
A Whole New World Of Opportunities was opened for my growth, profitability and influence/reach.
  • WHAT IF I could narrow my target audience to serve people from a specific demography i.e. age group, ethicity, sex etc?
For instance, My brother is a graphic artist/multimedia professional. He’s had a vast experience working with local (and international) companies, churches and small businesses to design their marketing materials.
What if he could focus solely on fashion industries, Political Groups, or solely on service companies or even on manufacturing firms?
I Know he’s reading this. (Will collect my fees later…😀😀😀)
So, to you my personal person…
  • WHAT IF you could focus only on businesses which make like 50-100 million Naira a year? Or focused solely on businesses with a very strong social-responsibility stand? or NGOs? Or focused only on men-owned or women-owned businesses?
  • WHAT IF I could serve a different target audience with the same assets I already have?
Let’s paint a picture just for example.
Pretend for a moment that you didn’t want to offer your individual products/services anymore, but you also didn’t want to throw away all that knowledge and experience either.
Don’t You Think You Could create a teaching course, training program to instruct and help people know how to become what you already are? Then they now have the capacity to serve your original target audience and more.
Imagine you’re a goal setting and achieving coach (or an event partner or an exceptional cook….anything you offer or are), but you don’t want to offer your seminars and programs to companies anymore. We both know that you could train other people how to either deliver your programs/courses, or train them HOW TO RUN a Goal Setting and Achieving Training Company.
Most Importantly is equiping the next generation and advancing you as a person into the “mastery/guru/monk/sage” role.
This is the main point of my meditation today…………..
You don’t necessarily have to make a major shift into a brand-new target market even though that is one viable and profitable business reinvention strategy.
I advice you to take a step back and RE-DEFINE who or those customers you enjoy working with the most and who are those clients that are the most profitable.
This Is A Meditative Message From Your Marketing Monk Ojuola Michael

Having Any Challenges:……
With Your Business Growth?
With Your Business Profits?
With Your Team?
With Your Direction In Life?

Then Its Time To Talk To The Monk.

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