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4 Ways To Re-Define ‘NO’ From Customers and Make The Sale


So you face rejection after rejection after rejection and you are discouraged,


Today from the Mountain of Meditation, I want to address your perspective on Rejection as your Personal Monk who Mediates Marketing and Life Wisdom from Universal Consciousness ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž

And they told you NO.

NO they aint buying the product.
NO they don’t want your services
NO you coaching style is too casual
NO your dress style isn’t professional
NO they don’t want to listen to whatever you have or want to say
NO your products are too costly
NO they prefer your competition to you
NO your brand is not dope
NO they……………………………. JUST NO for the Sake Of saying NO!!!

This 2 letter word has stopped many great minds because they defined it in a disempowering manner.

This WORD (NO) is capable of stopping you for as long as you let it like you've probably done UNTIL NOW. Click To Tweet

Most times I’ve stopped myself from asking because I’m scared of getting a “NO”.

After so much frustration and obvious loss of numerous opportunities, help came via Re-Definition Of Terms.

Do I still get many NOs Now? SURE
Does It Still Hurts? SURE
Do I still Feel Like Being Punched In My Tummy Numerous Times? YOU BET
Do I Still Wish They Said YES? DEFINITELY
Do I Stop Asking Because Of The Fear Of NO? Sometimes…Im still an Overcoming Monk ๐Ÿ˜€
Do I Ask More Now Than Before? YES
Do I Get More YES than NO? Sometimes

See, This is what changed….

Now my people, I remember (by reminding myself) that this is not the end and that their NOs has nothing to do with the value I can give, the quality of my products, the bargain from my services or the genius of my marketing ideas.

So have this mind in you as you go about the executions of your work today and forever:


Let’s Define Some NO:

NO = Never Over

NO = New Option(s)

NO = New Opportunities

NO = Next Opportunity


One thing I’ve Learnt Also Whenever I felt Bad for Receiving Another NO……..Is to Declare to Myself With Much Energy and Boldness That………


“It’s Either You Give Me Because You Eventually Wanted To Or Because You Are So Tired Of Seeing My Ugly, Bothering Face And Consequently Needed A Break From Me “Disturbing” You .

It most times works like Charm.



This Is A Meditative Message From Your Marketing Monk Ojuola Michael

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