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It’s All About Adding Value…..Even As You Make Profits

So I Congratulate You that you’ve been able to accomplish what most people will never even try not to talk of accomplishing.

The Action(s) you’ve taken have created your company (medium or startup). Nevertheless i will advise you not to be decieved by the sexiness and “glamour” of the being an entreprenuer.

What you’ve just done is you took the first step.

The Determinants of Your Success and Failure is founded upon Whatever happens next.

Nobody wants to experience the horrific thought of seeing your dreams, hopes and aspirations get shattered because something fundamental was overlooked.

Unfortunately, this happens ALL THE TIME. So I Advise You To Pay Close Attention To What I’ll Highlight Next!

Lean In And Grasp The Meditative Whisper Of Your Marketing Monk…

In Business (As in Life), NO ONE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS. Anyone that claims that is just overselling or lying. Click To Tweet

Even I “The Monk” that Meditates and Breathes Marketing and Sales Daily Will Never Claim to have all the Answers to your Sales and Marketing Problems.

That’s why I advocate and teach HUMILITY as one of the most important traits of any good leader, salesman or marketer.

Be HUMBLE before You Are HUMILIATED by Failures. Click To Tweet

I have studied, read about, counsel/advise and witness business owners/founders who forgot reason and refuse to heed warnings from this simple genius called HUMILITY.

They (unfortunately) thought way too much of themselves and their ideas and company because they were the ones who STARTED THE COMPANY.

This Is The TRUTH: The Only Beautiful Thing You’ve Done Is Taking The First Step By Starting a company. And Frankly, THIS MEANS VERY LITTLE TO NOTHING.

Yes, Measure Profits
Yes, Count The Money
True…..The Money (Profits) You Make Keeps The Business Afloat and Sustainable…

Also Importantly Is This Form Of Reward:

Whenever your partner(s), team and customers send you feedbacks via mails, chats and any other form of messaging about how much value you have given them and how much you have done for them and how you’ve literally changed their lives for the better.

So, When you have truly helped people out, that is when you should pat yourself at the back, look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are and the legacy you’re creating.

You deserve accolades and all sort of rewards when your team, customers, and people around you love your leadership and the reason why your business/company was started in the first place.

This Is A Meditative Message From Your Marketing Monk Ojuola Michael

Having Any Challenges:……
With Your Business Growth?
With Your Business Profits?
With Your Team?
With Your Direction In Life?

Then Its Time To Talk To The Monk.

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