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5 Advices To Keep In MIND In The Game Of Profiting



Because one business was able to use a growth and profitable strategy to boost their turnover/revenue, doesn’t mean that you’ll use same strategy and make profits or scale in growth.


So What Should You Do?

Isn’t It advisable to look at a business, see what they’re doing well and copy same for ours?

What is the place then of Business Modeling for Growth?

This is what I will advise as A Marketing Monk Who Literally Spend Hours Daily Studying Models to Apply to My Business and overall life for MASSIVE PROFITS and GROWTH…..

Before That, Listen To ME…

Whenever you are getting started in any business (Sales of Products or Offering of Services), you have to be willing and ready to spend a whole lot of hours deciphering what ideas, strategies and models will generate consistent growth and drive revenue upwards…




Now To My Simple Advise In This Game Of Profiting and Growth, Keep ALL OF THESE FEW THINGS IN MIND (In no particular order):


➥ WHENEVER YOU Come Across A Model/Strategy/Idea That You THINK will/can work for your business, BE FAST IN TESTING THEM — GET RESULTS (Positive Or Negative) — ADJUST!

FIGHT AGAINST BEING STUCK OR BEING STAGNANT. Remember to always take actions consistently.

SOME People will tell YOU how they generated profits, growth and revenue from using a particular strategy, and it might be true….BUT That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean IT IS or WILL BE True For Your Business.

DECIDE Right From Start To Always Remind Yourself This: STRATEGIES THAT WORKED 3-4Months Ago May or May not work again now. So it’s your 300% Responsibility to TEST and ADJUST.

ALWAYS LEARN and Be OPEN to Sudden Change In the Tide.

As The Captain of Your Business Ship, Listen to the Wind.

Don’t Be Too Rigid On An Idea.

Be Flexible so that you won’t break or miss out on opportunities as they present themselves most times as challenges.

IF You Are Too Scared To Fail, Then You Shouldn't Expect To Succeed At Anything. tell a friend

Experienced Captains Are Revered Because They’ve Been Able To Scale Troubled Waters PROFITABLY.

Alright Then, Back To The Mountain Of Marketing Meditation.


This Is A Meditative Message From Your Marketing Monk Ojuola Michael

Having Any Challenges:……
With Your Business Growth?
With Your Business Profits?
With Your Team?
With Your Direction In Life?

Then Its Time To Talk To The Monk.

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