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10 Best CRM Solutions | Top CRM Software Solutions

March 1, 2018

The best CRM solutions for businesses include sales analytics as well as a dashboard for employers to use to maintain contacts. Sales forecasting and automation are also noted features of the best solutions that are listed below. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top CRM Solutions Logo: Base CRM

#1 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – Base CRM is one of the most flexible customer relations management software suites on the market. It comes with four primary modules that you can select, and each module comes with multiple service tiers. This provides dozens upon dozens of combinations of service modules and tiers, so Base CRM can work with just about any business of just about any size. The software helps manage sales by automating many features of the process, and it makes the entire sales pipeline for your business visible across every member of every sales team. That helps ensure no detail is ever overlooked in the process.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Hubspot

#2 of 10 Top CRM Solutions of 2018 – A customer relationship management strategy is critical while running a business. There are many people who struggle in this area. Utilizing software is a proven way to have more success. Hubspot is a company that is working on various plans for the future. With all of the potential changes that are taking place, Hubspot is a quality investment for the vast majority of companies today. Hubspot will help your company in several ways. Now is the time for people to start making progress on their goals. A CRM strategy will help you invest for various things for the future.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Veeva

#3 of 10 Best CRM SolutionsVeeva

Pleasanton, California

#3 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – Veeva offers industrial cloud services to those in the life sciences. Veeva provides compliance fulfilling features such as customer reference data, master data management, CRM and content management. With over 600 customers representing biotech and pharma, startups and enterprise level, the software meets organizational needs regardless of scale. Veeva features clinical, regulatory, quality, commercial and medical solutions. Veeva Opendata allows users to access email data and relevant customer information while Veeva Vault houses all of the necessary content management solutions. Veeva’s cloud-based CRM enables sales professionals to reach customers across multiple channels.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Highrise CRM

#4 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – Most businesses could probably use help in the customer relations field even if they don’t realize it, and Highrise CRM is the solution you didn’t even know you needed. The software is built for brands of almost any size, and it works to streamline the sales pipeline in your existing workflow. To accomplish this goal, the software brings together several comprehensive communication tools like an integrated messaging system and a fully consolidated central contact list. With the automation tools in the software, your team won’t be distracted by mindless tasks. There is really no good reason not to try Highrise CRM.

Top CRM Solutions Logo: amoCRM

#5 of 10 Best CRM SolutionsamoCRM

San Francisco, California

#5 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – When businesses need to run projects without implementing ongoing management procedures, they use programs that have automation options. One of the best automated tools for businesses that handles sales tasks is amoCRM. This software tool is a digital pipeline solution that helps sales teams close deals easier. Entrepreneurs benefit from using amoCRM because it’s designed specifically for compact business teams. Once a team operates amoCRM during a business project, the program will manage sales automatically with ease. This product is unique because the only CRM tool that’s designed with digital pipeline options.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Sugar CRM

#6 of 10 Top CRM Solutions of 2018 – With excellent customer relationship management tools, Sugar CRM is able to offer a fully comprehensive CRM product that will outperform any similar product. The secret to their successful software is the focus that they employ to keep themselves on track. Instead of breaking up their focus across several services, they focus entirely on CRM, and they are good at it. Sugar CRM has become one of the most-used CRM products in the world, and over two million active daily users understand why. The software is simple to use, and it is covered by support from professionals from all over the world.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Buzzstream

#7 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – Buzzstream is a unique CRM solution that lets users identify influencers and gather their contact information. Users can share contact information, notes and projects with their team and customizable reports allow managers to see how each team is performing. Performance statistics are available for template performance, email subject lines and more. Buzzstream lets marketers find and build relationships with key influencers, promote content and build links with outreach tools. The CMR solution has numerous free link building tools on their website. A free trial lets organizations see how the CRM works.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Infusionsoft

#8 of 10 Top CRM Solutions of 2018 – There is no way to deny that Infusionsoft is one of the world’s leading customer relations management software systems. It has a range of more than 130,000 users every single day, and the software combines many of the most advanced CRM and marketing functions into a single interface that is both fully comprehensive and exceptionally easy to use. Since the software relies on cloud servers to function outside of the host computer, you can use it from anywhere without downloading any client software. When combined with the powerful sales and marketing tools, Infusionsoft becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Best CRM Solutions Logo: Sage

#9 of 10 Best CRM SolutionsSage

Irvine, California

#9 of 10 Best CRM Solutions of 2018 – IF you want to have a good shot at growing your business by making your customers happy then you have got to hop on board with one of the best CRM solutions in the business – Sage. This program will keep track of all the customers you talk to and make sure that any information your company is given is taken watchful note of, so your workers can sort through it later without fuss. Get a better reputation among your entire client base and your business will be able to succeed in its industry better than it ever has before.

Top CRM Solutions Logo: Agile CRM

#10 of 10 Top CRM Solutions of 2018 – Agile CRM is a customer relationship management solution for the modern world and even the future. It has been designed with near-futureproof engineering since it can be easily adapted to new needs as they arise. The software is also being updated regularly with new features and streamlined performance systems. Since the software handles all the major areas of customer relations, it drastically reduces the amount of time that your sales staff must waste on tedious tasks. With all the automation features in the categories of customer support, marketing, and sales, it is no wonder Agile CRM is so popular and respected.

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